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We have a few contests running right now!

Stop in any Auto Body Xperts location before Feb 14 to guess how many candy hearts are in the jar! If you are the closest guess, then you will win a $25 restaurant gift card!

Super Bowl VII is coming up!  Submit your guess for the final score at the link below, if you are the first to guess the correct score, then you will win a free full vehicle detail and 12 hand car washes! Submit your guess by noon on Sunday, February 4!


Silent Auctions/Fundraiser


Do you have a Silent Auction or Fundraiser coming up? Please email Elizabeth at, we would love to donate a detail package to you to help support the cause!




Going the Extra Mile

A very common thing we hear from customers is, “I went to Body Shop A and Body Shop B for an estimate on my vehicle and the estimated cost of repair was very different!” Which is true, some body shops do very dramatically in price. Which is something we want to warn people on, it is important to remember that when it comes to body work, cost does directly relate to the quality of work.

Auto Body Xperts is a big believer that customers can receive high quality work for a reasonable cost. That is why Auto Body Xperts is a DRP (Direct Repair Program) for over 20 different insurance companies. So what does that mean? That means that those insurance companies trust us and our work, they know we will take good care of their customers so they allow us to do the estimate on the vehicle. Normally the insurance company will send a adjuster to come look at the vehicle in addition to the body shop looking it over. With the DRP, they trust us to look it over for them. We record the damage and send our estimate along with pictures of the damage to them so they don’t have to come look at the vehicle, which then saves time for the customer and then their vehicle can be repaired sooner.

We take pride in the extra steps we take to help our customers. We understand that although some of these steps may seem minor but in the end, they really do help provide the highest quality work for our customers. Here is a link that shows a walk through of our vehicle repair process to give you a quick view of what is being done on your vehicle when it is in our care.