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Auto Body Xperts is a DRP (Direct Repair Program) for over 20 different insurance companies. So what does that mean? That means that they trust us and our work to allow us to do the estimate for them.

At our Hudsonville location, a tow company rents and operates out of part of our building. So vehicles they tow in wait in our lot. This towing company brought in a vehicle that was in an accident on Friday. They owner of the vehicle contacted their insurance company and had to wait for the insurance company to come and do an estimate on the vehicle. It took one week until an adjuster for the insurance company was able to look at the vehicle.

As we all know, being without a vehicle is a major inconvenience. That is why it is important to take your vehicle to a Body Shop that is a DRP for your insurance company. In the story above, if that customer would have said they wanted Auto Body Xperts to look over their vehicle, they could have received an estimate the day of the accident from us rather than having to wait a week.

So if you are in an accident, let your insurance company know that you are taking your vehicle to Auto Body Xperts!