Pre and Post-Repair Diagnostic Scan and Calibration


In our world today, technology is advancing rapidly! In 1971, the first computer was sold. The first iPhone was sold in June 2007. And now we live in a world where the technology you would see in a movie actually exists. There are phone with a holographic display, smart glasses, and even technology that will fold your laundry for you. For companies to remain successful and competitive, they have to look into how to incorporate advanced technology in product. This includes the Auto Industry.

Currently, each vehicle has an average of 60-100 sensors on board. Because cars are rapidly getting “smarter” the number of sensors is projected to reach as many as 200 sensors per car. These numbers translate to approximately 22 billion sensors used in the automotive industry per year by 2020, according Dr. Mike Pinelis (President and CEO – MEMS Journal, Inc).

It is important to have all of these sensors running properly to insure the vehicle is running safely. With there being so many sensors on a vehicle, it is hard to know if a sensor was damaged or needs realignment by manually analyzing the vehicle. An advance scan is needed. This is where the pre and post-repair scans come in. The purpose of the pre and post-repair scans are to insure the sensors are calibrated properly.


Why does it matter to have the sensors properly calibrated?

The following statements are from Master ASE Technicians and trainers, Eric Mandoza and Bill Zilastik from Toyota’s collision repair and refinish training center. Eric is a Toyota Collision repair and refinishing training assistant manager and Bill is a Lexus technical and collision repair training manager. They have provided some examples that explain why it is important to have the pre and post-repair scans done to have the vehicle running safely.

The pre-collision system uses a millimeter rate radar sensor that is behind the grill in the car that looks through the Lexus or Toyota emblem and looks ahead of the car to see where the car is going and is very good at spotting items in front of the vehicle and is able to spot where the car is going. And if it sees something in the cars path that it thinks it might pose a problem or collision hazard, it can alert the driver, pre-charge the brakes, and pre-tighten the seat belt. So if there is a collision, the collision won’t be as severe as it might have been without this technology. It is an excellent safety system. The pre and post-repair scans will verify the sensor is working properly.

The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control System uses the same sensor as stated above and that system will keep you at a specific distance from the people in front of you using cruise control so the vehicle in front of you slows down you slow down as well.


What is the difference between a pre and post-repair scan and why does it matter to have both done?

Pre-Repair diagnostic scan is a complete health check of your vehicle and provides the repair shop (and insurance company, if applicable) a complete report on the number of computer modules on board, as well as any diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) that could indicate pre-accident and/or accident related damage. This essential step eliminates unnecessary delays waiting for parts and/or additional insurance authorizations, and identifies issues with the vehicle that could be missed without a pre-repair diagnostic scan.

Post-Repair diagnostic scan ensures that all systems on your vehicle are in proper working order prior to delivery. It is important to note that the majority of DTC’s do not result in a malfunction indicator lamp (dashboard light). Failure to perform a post-repair scan by trained professionals with factory scan tools significantly increases the risk that your vehicle may be returned with malfunctioning, or inoperable, safety and convenience systems. A post-repair diagnostic scan is the single best way to ensure that your vehicle is returned to pre-incident condition.

After a vehicle is in an accident, it is important to make sure the vehicle is repaired correctly and is safe to drive again. That is why the original manufacturers and collision repair centers are now implementing pre and post-repair scans as a new step in the repair process.

December Newsletter

Scan Class

On November 14, we held a seminar on Vehicle Scans and Calibrations. All Auto Body Xperts staff, local insurance partners, glass companies, and more attended the event! Continuing education is very important to Auto Body Xperts! With vehicles advancing in technology and features, we want to make sure we are up to date on Original Manufacturer policies for safely repairing vehicles!

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