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Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car in the Winter

By December 19, 2019No Comments
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Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car in the Winter

Most people know that it is dangerous to leave your dog in the car in hot weather, but leaving them in the car in cold weather is a little uncertain. Leaving your dog in the car in cold weather may not be as risky as leaving them in warmer weather, but it can still be dangerous.

Just like your car can act as an oven in the summer, it can act as a fridge in the winter during the cold temperatures. If you leave your dog in the car on cold days, they can get hypothermia. Just like in the summer, your dog can suffocate in the car no matter what the temperature is. In the worst case, if left in the car in the winter or in cold weather, your dog can actually freeze to death.

Just like people, dogs can tolerate cold temperatures differently. Generally, dogs with longer hair can endure colder weather than dogs with short hair. If your dog doesn’t usually lounge around in the snow or outside in the cold, leaving them in the cold car is not any better. The health of your dog can make a difference too. Dogs with diabetes or heart/kidney diseases have a harder time regulating their body temperatures and therefore things could go wrong when left in extreme cold.

When you are leaving the house during the winter or extreme cold temperatures, think about your pup and remember the best thing for them is to stay in the comfort of your home. Leaving your dog home during the winter and not keeping them in the car will avoid hypothermia, suffocation, and freezing and will allow them to be able to get up and run around a little.