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Traveling With Your Pet

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Traveling With Your Pet

Summer is here! Time for mini vacations and camping trips with the WHOLE family! Here are our xpert tips and reminders for traveling with your furry family members!

  1. Secure your pet – whether a harness, carrier, or crate, securing your pet while in the car is crucial for the safety of both your pet and the people inside the vehicle. As tempting as it is to have your pet curl up in your lap while you drive, it is putting both you and your pet in harm’s way. A sudden stop, even at low speeds, can seriously hurt your pet as well as other passengers in the car if your pet is not secured in a harness or confined in a crate.
  2. Never leave your pet unattended in a car; on a hot summer’s day, the interior of a vehicle can heat up to unsafe levels in less than 10 minutes.


Here are some important reminders!

Before You Go

Make sure your pet is healthy. Check with your veterinarian and renew any shots that are due. Also, give your pet a treatment of flea and tick medication. There may be parasites where you are headed that are different from where you live. Some parts of the country, especially wooded areas, may be infested with fleas and ticks.

If your pet is not accustomed to traveling in the car, take several short trips several weeks ahead of your travel. (Be sure and use the harness, carrier or crate at this time.) Go somewhere fun like a local dog park so that your pet will associate the car with a positive experience. If your dog has not been crated before, set the crate up in the house and leave the top half of the crate off. Put favorite treats and toys there and offer lots of encouragement. After several weeks, put the top of the crate on but leave the door open.

Getting The Car Ready

Make a place where your pet can ride safely and still see out the window if possible. Locate your pet where you can touch them to reassure them that you are closeby. They will also need access to their water. A favorite blanket or pet bed would be helpful to take so they feel “at home.”

If you cat is traveling with you, make a place for the kitty litter. Behind the front seat will do well in some cars. First put down a piece of plastic (a trash bag will do the trick.)

On The Way

Chances are your pet will sleep ninety percent of the time when they are not looking out the window or getting some attention from you.

Make sure your air conditioning is working properly and that you use it while driving. Don’t roll down the windows and let your dog hang its head out of the window, and never have your pet in the back of a truck.

Be sure and schedule frequent stops to allow your pet to move about and relieve themselves. Be sure and attach a leash before letting your pet out of the car and hold on tight. Some pets will bolt from nervousness or excitement when in unfamiliar environments. After a walk, offer your pet hydration and congratulate them for their good behavior. Respect other travelers and keep your pet close to you.

Overnight In A Pet Friendly Hotel

When checking in, get clarification on the hotel’s pet policy. If the hotel or motel charges a pet fee, pay it. Don’t try to hide your pet or smuggle them into your room.

Most accommodations ask that you do not leave the pet alone in the room for obvious reasons. You may have to order “take out” or room service. Ask at the desk if there are any restaurants with outside dining nearby and check with them to see if pets are welcome on their patio.

Be courteous to other guests in the hotel and keep your pet leashed, quiet, and well behaved while you are there. Walk your pet in designated areas and be sure to clean up after them.

You Have Arrived!

Take your pet around their new “home” and show them where you have placed their food, water, and bedding. Introduce your pet to the neighbors, and ask if there are parks nearby where your pet can exercise. Take them for a walk so they can explore the smells of the new area.