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By October 8, 2018No Comments
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Thank you for your interest in attending the Vehicle Scan Seminar hosted by Auto Body Xperts! MAS (Mobile Auto Solutions) will be the speaker for the night, if you want to learn more about MAS, please visit .


We will be discussing:
  • “No Scan Codes” does not mean that a calibration is not required
  • What damage can I see?
  • What damage can I not see?
  • What has to be removed during repairs?
  • What does the manufacturer say needs to happen?
  • When in the repair process should the calibration occur?
  • Can the calibration occur in house or off site?


FREE for insurance agents


Sign Up Here:

Or mail in this form: (PDF Version:

Vehicle Scans Seminar Sign Up Form-page-001

This seminar is free to all insurance partners and $25 per person for everyone else. You can mail a check to Auto Body Xperts (3483 Highland Dr, Attn: Marketing, Hudsonville, MI 49426), pay online at, or pay at the event.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact Elizabeth at (616) 669-6692 or

Click here to watch a video that explains why Pre and Post Scans Matter!