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Protecting the interior integrity of your vehicle from the sun

We have all been in a vehicle that looks like the interior has gotten dull because of the sun wearing it down.  It is very common  for vehicles to get this way if the vehicle is left in direct sunlight. The sun bakes the interior creating it to dry out, crack, and become dull in color.

There are multiple ways to protect the integrity of the interior of your vehicle from sun damage.  The easiest, no brainer tip is to park in the shade. Parking in the shade protects the interior of the vehicle from reaching extreme heat temperatures, protects the exterior finish of the vehicle, as well as the engine.  If it is safe to do so, crack your windows to help lower the interior temperature and equalize the air pressure.

Another easy way to protect your vehicle is using a windshield sun protector.  Not only does it protect your vehicle from the sun but it also helps keep it cooler. Some can be tricky to figure out but others can be rather simple! Try WeatherTech SunShade.  You can also wipe down your dash with a microfiber cloth. Dust and dirt can accumulate  on your dash creating tiny scratches that overtime can get worse due to sun exposure creating cracking and dryness. Wiping down your dash removes these dust and dirt particles. Using a low gloss detailing product can protect the surface and reduce the glare.

If you have leather seats, investing in seat covers will help keep the integrity much longer. The wear goes onto the seat cover instead of the leather seat itself. The seat covers protect the leather from the sun  leaving it looking newer longer. If you do not want to invest in seat covers, try a leather conditioner. The sun can do a number on them between the heat, dryness, cracking, and dust. Be sure to condition them regularly to keep them moisturized.