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On November 10, Auto Body Xperts had the honor of joining Jamestown Upper Elementary at the 4th Grade Mock Job Fair. Local business owners came to Jamestown Upper Elementary and got to do mini job interviews with the students.

Before the job fair, all the 4th graders studied business and did a Marketplace Project. For this project, each student made a product/service and tried to sell it. Then after wrote a report on what they have learned. At the job fair, we had the opportunity to talk to the students and hear about their Marketplace Project and what the learned from it.

Students sold item such as homemade slime and stress ball, all the way to homemade games and raffles. Through this, they learned about supply and demand, then how that affects price and levels of sales.

After they made their reports, they made resumes to use at the Mock Kids Job Fair. At the job fair there was about 15 local businesses, including Auto Body Xperts at tables all around the gym. Students came in and did a mini interview with the different businesses that were there. Students would walk up, give you their resume, and tell you about themselves. All the businesses were given a list of questions to ask and little sheets that said, “You have received a job offer from Auto Body Xperts!” If the students did well, they received a job offer!

It was a joy to see the kid’s excitement for their Marketplace Project and what they have learned!


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