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Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Car!

By May 15, 2018No Comments
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Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Car!


We understand, pets are part of the family! So here are our 5 Xpert Tips for keeping your dog safe in the car!

German Shepherd Dog Sticking Head Out Driving Car Window

  1. Make Sure Everyone (Human and K-9) is Buckled

The safest way to transport your dog is to secure them with their very own seat belts. Not only does a seatbelt confine your furry family member, but it keeps them safe in the event of an accident—which could severely injure or kill an unrestrained dog.

There are lots of options when it comes to restraining a dog in a vehicle, below is a link to many safe options for your pet.


  1. Keep a Crate in the Car

If your dog is overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of a car ride, having them ride in a crate is a great option. When crated in the car, your dog can snuggle up safely and ride in comfort. If your dog barks at other dogs, you can cover the crate up with a blanket to keep them calm and quiet. Your dog will be happy in their familiar place and will adjust to new surroundings faster. But if you do keep them in a crate with a blanket over top, be sure to check in and make sure they are staying cool, especially on a warm day.


  1. Keep Your Dog off Your Lap

Dogs love riding shotgun. But if you’ve got an excited or anxious pup who wants to climb over onto you, a barrier will help. Depending on the type of car you have, your dog can be secured in the back of your car by a special fence, for example. There are several types of barriers that can be installed into the backs of SUVS, hatchbacks, and vans. See the link above for barrier and restraint options!

Although it is not illegal in most states (it is illegal in NJ and HI), it is very dangerous for your pet to ride in your lap. Having a dog in your lap can increase your response time, can be a distraction, and the dog can get very hurt (even killed) if they are on your lap during an accident. So to be safe, it is best if your pet does not drive on your lap while driving.


  1. Take Breaks

On a long road trip, your dog needs car snacks, water, and bathroom breaks. To avoid dehydration, be sure to keep water available at all times. Meals, treats, and toys are great distractions for a busy dog in the car. Also, make sure that you’re stopping every couple of hours so your pet can use the bathroom and stretch their legs. Taking this time to run them around at a rest stop is a great way to burn some energy so they will nap for part of the trip.


  1. Check the Temperature in the Car

If you have to leave your dog in the car, be sure to check the temperature outside before you leave your furry family member inside the car. What feels like a mild day outside won’t feel so mild inside the car. Surprisingly, the temperature inside the car on a 75 degree day can easily reach 100 degrees! Pets can die inside hot cars, even if the windows are cracked. So try to plan your trip so you do not need to leave your dog in the car.


For more information about dog safety, check out