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Filing an Insurance Claim

Working in the automotive collision industry, we get a lot of phone calls and questions regarding the claim filing process. A few things to keep in mind, Auto Body Xperts cannot file the claim with the insurance company. We can write the estimates on the damage and send it to the insurance company but the claim will need to be filed by the vehicle/policy owner. However, all Auto Body Xperts staff is here to assist you in any questions you may have to keep it a smooth transition and with little stress. We know collision accidents are stressful. We’re here to help.


Filing an insurance claim is not as difficult as it may seem. Even the safest drivers get into accidents. It is important to remember a few key steps while on the scene of the accident. First, make sure everyone at the scene is ok, call the police and exchange information with the other drivers involved. It is also helpful to know what information you may need to provide and to understand how your insurance coverage works. You may also want to ask your insurer if they require the claim to be filed within a certain time window. Many insurance companies file their claims differently but they’re all very similar.  Here is an idea of what to expect.


  1. Provide information about the accident to your insurer.
    1. Names, contacts, insurance and vehicle information for anyone involved in the accident.
    2. Location, time of day and weather conditions.
    3. Photos of vehicle damage.
    4. Names and badge numbers of any officers that responded to the incident.
    5. A copy of the accident report.
  2. Ask questions about your insurance coverage.
    1. Your deductible
    2. Transportation Expense Coverage
    3. How long you have to submit a claim.
  3. Get an estimate. At Auto Body Xperts, we will provide you with a free estimate. Once the estimate is completed we can get you scheduled in for repairs. If your insurance falls under one of our DRP (direct repair program), we submit your estimate information to the insurance company and can begin repairs right when the vehicle is brought into the shop.
  4. Get your vehicle repaired.


In the midst of having your vehicle repaired, Auto Body Xperts will provide updates all throughout the repair process. We take great pride in our customer service and how we can best make this process as stress-free as possible.


A question many customers have is “Do you have loaner vehicles?” The answer to that is YES! If you do not have rental car coverage on your policy, Auto Body Xperts will provide you a free rental car throughout the entire duration of your repairs.