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Fall Maintenance Xpert Tips

By September 26, 2019No Comments

Fall Maintenance Xpert Tips

As the cooler season approaches, there are a number of things you need to check in your car to make sure it is functioning properly before winter comes. Winter usually brings in sudden freezes, pouring rain, and snowfalls that result in limited visibility and slick streets. Car maintenance should be done early in the fall so you are well-prepared for these dangerous driving conditions. Here are our Xpert tips to have your vehicle ready for winter!

1. Collision Repair

If you’ve been putting aside collision repair for a long time, fall is the best time to do it. Damages, regardless of their size, can get worse if you don’t repaired immediately.

2. Oil and Oil Filter Change

Scheduling oil changes regularly help maintain a healthy car engine. Motor oil cools and lubricates the engine, so it can pick up different kinds of impurities.

3. Tire Inspection

Your tires serve as the last line of defense between you and various types of road debris. Be sure to choose quality tires and always look at the tread depth. Also, you need to inspect tire pressure as they decreases when the temperatures lowers.

4. Emergency Survival Kit

Should you have car trouble in winter, you’d likely be stuck in the cold for quite a while before help arrives.

Make sure to keep a box in your car and stock it with these items before going on your trip: snacks, jumper cables, flares, rags, a flashlight, blankets, road salt, rain poncho, drinking water, first aid kit, and ice scrapers.

5. Battery Check

The last thing you’d want is your battery dying out while you’re in the middle of a snowy road without any sort of help nearby. Always get your battery tested. Winter can be hard on car batteries, so ensure that yours has a lot of power before hitting the road.

6. Brake Repair

Brakes should be inspected to make sure they are properly working. Never delay any repairs that might be necessary. Doing so can be dangerous for you and other drivers on the road, especially in extreme weather conditions. Putting off brake repair is also damaging to your rotors, which could be more costly to repair.
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