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10 Apps For Drivers

By January 16, 2019November 4th, 2022No Comments

10 Apps For Drivers


Sick of getting stuck in traffic? Can’t remember where you parked your car? Well, there’s an app for that!

There are several mobile apps designed to help drivers navigate their way around from place to place. However, map apps are just the beginning. There are also mobile apps that help you get better gas mileage, avoid getting tickets, and help you find just the right place to visit on a road trip. Below are some of the best car apps available!


Roadside America

Your road trip can take every possible interesting or weird turn with the help of this app. So don’t miss out on some of the best and oddest attractions on your next trip.


AAA Mobile

This app can help you experience some of the best places to visit even if you’re not a member of AAA. If you are a member, roadside assistance is also available.



If you leave this app open while you drive, it can automatically report traffic conditions, accidents and road conditions. It also helps you give a very accurate estimate for arrival times.


Road Trip

This app will track fuel economy for you, but it also keeps track of your maintenance records and reminds you when you’re due for service, like an oil change. It also keeps track of how much you spend on your car.



If you’re looking for the gas station with the best price, then GasBuddy is perfect for you. You can also earn rewards for inputting prices for others to see.



This app is designed for drivers of electric cars and it’s a great tool for finding charging stations wherever you go. It even updates the availability of each station.


Open Road

Take your navigation to the next level with this apps that offers one-tap calling and music in addition to navigation. It’s also compatible with Spotify and has its own Find My Car feature.


My Mechanic

Keep tracks of your vehicle’s health and diagnose problems with My Mechanic. This app works with an OBD-II telematics device to diagnose your car and help you find a mechanic in your area.



This app stores video locally so that you can save yourself from insurance fraud, bad traffic tickets, or provide correct information the police in case of an accident.


Google Maps

It’s simply the best out there. Better still, the app syncs your desktop searches to your mobile device and it can integrate with Waze.