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2023 Holland Community’s Choice Awards Nomination Ballot

Celebrate the best businesses and organizations in the area with the Holland Community’s Choice Awards! In this nomination round, submit your favorite companies in each category for consideration. Users who nominate in 25 or more categories will be automatically entered to win a $250 gift card!

To Nominate:

  1. Navigate to your desired Section and Category in the ballot below.
  2. In the Nomination Field, begin typing your desired company name. If it appears on the list, select it. If it does not, complete the name.
  3. On your first visit, complete the registration and click “NOMINATE.”
  4. Continue to nominate in other categories. Nominations are recorded as they are entered and there is no final “SUBMIT” button.
  5. On future visits, log in to the ballot using the “Already Entered” function and nominate again up to once a day.

Nominations close on December 22, 2023, and the top five nominees by user submissions in each category move on to voting in February, where winners and finalists are selected. See program rules here and for complete information, visit