Congratulations to all the raffle prize winners from the 2017 Holland Open House. Check your red ticket to see if you are a winner!

If you are a winner, stop by our Holland location (216 N 120th Ave, Holland) to claim your prize. You will need to bring your ticket to claim your prize. We are open 8am – 5:30pm Monday through Friday. You have until Friday August 18, at 5:00pm to redeem your prize.

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Thank you to all the businesses for their generous donations!

Show your Mother Earth and yourself some love, by being conscious of the paint and other common items you use.

Did you know? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies paint as one of its top five most hazardous substances.

Effects On The Environment:
When VOC’s react with oxygen, they can form ‘bad’ ozone in the presence of sunlight. This is a contributory factor to the greenhouse effect and a cause of global warming. One study by C.E.P.E. attributes paints and varnishes to causing as much as five percent of all VOC emissions. – M Howard, J Miemczyk

A Long List of Health Concerns:
Solvent based automotive paints contain not just problematic VOCs, but also other air pollutants that decrease air quality and may pose a risk to painters and workers. Skin and eye irritation are only the beginning of the health problems that painters and workers could face when using solvent based automotive paints.Other health risks include central nervous system effects. The organic compounds found in VOCs can also damage internal organs, such as the liver and kidneys. Alarmingly, organic compounds found in solvent based automotive paint have been linked to cancer and reproductive health issues. By contrast, waterborne paints have lower levels of organic solvents are thus much less toxic. http://ellisandsalazar.com/auto-painting/why-is-waterborne-car-paint-better-for-the-environment/

The solution:
Eco-friendly paint for cars is waterborne, which means water is the main ingredient in the paint instead of the dangerous solvents. These paints emit up to 80 per cent less of the VOCs than traditional car paint. They have 70 per cent water, 20 per cent pigment, pearlescent and metallic particles and 10 per cent organic solvents. http://gearheads.org/eco-friendly-paint-for-cars-best-options/
Auto body Xperts uses waterborne paint, to insure we aren’t harming the environment or the health of our staff and neighbors. http://autobodyxperts.com/auto-body-paint-shop/earth month reusable grocery bag

To help you remember to be kind to your Mother Earth we are offering free reusable grocery bags at any of our locations. Stop in during business hours for your bag during the week of April 20,2017 until April 27, 2017.

Auto Body Xperts is growing!! In addition to our Holland, Wayland, and Hudsonville locations we are building another shop in Zeeland . We anticipate being open for your bussiness at the new location toward the end of May.


Image may contain: outdoor and text

The new Auto Body Xperts will be located at:

9389 Riley St.

Zeeland, MI 49464

(behind the Family Fare )


Our goal is to give you quality service with the convenience of another location. This shop will also be locally owned, offer free loaner vehicles, give a lifetime warranty, and will work with all insurance companies.




Over $1,200 worth in prizes will be given out for the Hudsonville Chamber’s summer Seek and Win! Participate in this fun scavenger hunt by stopping by our shop, or any of the participating businesses to pick up a game board. Each business has a question that can only be answered by visiting their location.

Complete the playing card for your chance to win one of 30 great prizes! Stop by and see us today and find out on average how many cars we repair each month.

You can also check out the Facebook event for a full list of businesses!

seek and win

spring giveaway

Our first prize of the spring giveaway is up- a Go Pro Hero + Camera! Go to our facebook page for your chance to win. Be a fan of our page, then like, comment, & share the prize post to be entered to win! The contest week #1 ends April 25 at 8 am.

Check back each week for the next prize! A family fun pack of tickets to Michigan’s Adventure and a Kindle are just a few of the other prizes in the weeks to come. Thanks for being a fan of Auto Body Xperts!

Happy Spring!